Let's talk about Feng Shui today. No.. no, I am not an expert, I only know a bit of Eight Mansion (八宅) and Kua number. Just want to share an advice from a Feng Shui master:

"For 2008, stocks fall under earth (土), fire (火) and water (水) elements should be good"

I don't know which stocks belong to the above elements. Do you know? If yes, please leave me a comment. Thanks.


fergus said... @ February 6, 2008 at 12:52 PM

Not sure if you received this feng shui insight by Lilian Too..

I can send you an email if I got some way to contact you :)

Basically she said..

Earth business : property, real estate, construction
Fire businesses : stock market, entertainment, lighting
Water business : shipping, banking, transport (and er.. maybe hyflux? *my own addition)

However, she did mention earth, fire would be better than water. And metal might be good also..

Metal business being : mining, jewellery, white goods, computer

And since I listed almost all the elements,
Wood business being : agriculture, plantation, publishing..

I think we can find lots of ideas in fire and earth businesses.. hehee

PS: Let me know if you want the email article

kgaihc said... @ February 6, 2008 at 10:14 PM

hi fergus.. thanks for the info.. can u send me the article.. my email is kgaihc@hotmail.com


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