What is Qassia?
Basically, you can add your websites to Qassia for free, without having to add reciprocal backlinks. It helps your websites perform better at search engines by providing unlimited quality backlinks. In addition to promoting your websites and discovering interesting stuffs (intel), you can also earn real money - very easily and without any hassle.

You can also add intel. Short for "intelligence", intel is a tidbit of information.

Why Qassia?
Qassia rewards users in three ways:

1. Backlinks
You get one backlink for every piece of intel you add. Every intel will carry a direct backlink to one of your websites. So the more intel you add, the more backlinks you get.

2. Credit
When you add intel, you also get credit, in the form of Qassia dollars. Your net worth in Qassia dollars determines how well your websites rank in their directory. Eventually, they will introduce auctions for front-page advertising, site-wide links, and other novel ways for you to burn your hard-earned Qassia dollars. Other ways to earn credits are:

a. Refer a friend to Qassia
b. Screen other people's intel

3. Revenue
If you have a Google Adsense account, they run ads on your user page or next to your intel using your Google Adsense account number. Consequently any advertising revenue generated by your user page or intel goes straight to you. You get 100% of the advertising revenue generated by that page.

Where to sign up?
Currently, Qassia is in "private beta". The only way to sign up is - goto the profile page of the user who referred you.


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