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If you are into blogosphere, but not into Entrecard, you are missing out whole lots of FUN! Entrecard is fantastic in many ways. It is an internet business card that allows you to network with other blog owners, and turn your blog sidebar into valuable advertising space.

I have signed up Entrecard on 16 January 2008; about 50 days since then. I am going to share with you some statistics of this blog. The statistics are calculated based on a comparison between a period (Jan & Feb 2008) with Entrecard and a period (Nov & Dec 2007) without Entrecard.

1. Number of unique visits has increased by 116%.
2. Number of page views has increased by 130%.
3. Number of RSS readers has increased to 40 from 20. An increase of 100%.
4. Adsense earning has increased by 125%.
5. Alexa traffic rank has climbed to 347,022 from 1,778,203.

Sound interesting? Visit Entrecard website to find out more.
Already a member? Read how to get 200 Entrecard credit.


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