Which is the best traffic driver to your site? Entrecard, Sitehoppin or Spottt? Below is a simple comparison between Entrecard, Sitehoppin and Spottt based on the amount of traffic they have drove to my site for the past 5 days.

From Entrecard: Based on the "155 credits to advertise on your blog", total traffic to my site is (155 x 5 / 2) = 387!!

From Sitehopping: Total traffic to my site is 64 (356)!
(Note: 64 is the number of unique visitors, whereas 356 is the number of unique viewers - a conversion rate of 18%)

From Spottt: Given 1408 impression, but total traffic to my site is 1!?
(Note: "impression" means the number of times my 125x125 banner appears on other sites)


Entrecard is still my best traffic driver, but Sitehopping is catching up fast. Spottt is a failure at driving traffic to my site. Entrecard always look into ways to improve and give its members more values, such as the Developer Day and Credit Exchange. Entrecard maintains a good communication with its members. I am surprise to see Graham in my inbox this morning.

Sitehoppin never fail to surprise me with creative ideas (eg. Beer Stock feature which allows your site to share a portion of Sitehoppin's traffic). I will invest in Beer Stock once I have money in my paypal account. Spottt does not have any updates since I joined 1 month ago.


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