From 7 Jan till now:
Dow has plunged a total of 803 (-8.9%)
HSI has plunged a total of 2267 (-14.6%)

What should we do now?
I would recommend to buy on weakness because:

  1. Dow's multiple support levels - Red trendline, 8000, 7882 to 7286 (strong support zone).
  2. Dow's stochastic is at oversold region.
  3. The current bad reporting season is already priced in (Example: Intel).
  4. HSI's stochastic is at oversold region.
Finally, below is an extract from an article I read recently:

"Although the general belief that the worst is over and the US economy would recover in the second half of this year (so as the Singapore economy) has pushed stocks higher around the world, economic releases showed otherwise. There is no conflict in this phenomenon. Belief is
forward looking while data releases are past."


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