Listed below are interesting points found in the articles that I have read in the past week:

  • The markets have been able to break out to new highs for the year; the volumes have been reasonable; the number of stocks participating in the rally that we've seen over the last couple of weeks has been very high, in other words the breadth has been good, all is well.
  • Stocks stay resilient..don't be fooled by the flat Dow and S&P on Friday (24 Jul).. by all rights the disappointing results from Microsoft and Amazon should have dropped the markets more..it did end the NASDAQ win streak, but today was a victory for the bulls.
  • Existing home sales were up for the third month in a row in June, signaling a stabilization in the US housing market.
  • So far, 74 percent of the (U.S. earnings) results have come in better than expected.
Note: No more mention of bear rally!

Seem like we are in Wave 1 for HSI, and indeed S&P 500 rebound at about 870. My strategies are:
  • Ride the current wave, and take short term profit SLOWLY.
  • Buy on dips instead of waiting for any significant pullbacks.


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