Saturday, September 26, 2020

While Dow & Nasdaq continue

to correct, I would treat it as an opportunity to accumulate both ASHR and KWEB ETF for long term investment.

Made the following purchase via Tiger Brokers. For the 3 local purchases, I am paying $9 fee instead of $85 if I am still using my previous trading platform. If 100 trades, that would mean saving of about $2500. Saving $ makes me a happier man :)

  • DBS @ $19.71
  • STI ETF @ $2.483
  • SGX @ $8.81
  • ASHR @ US$34.86
STI ranged between 2448 and 2515.

Saturday, September 19, 2020

2500 level is the battle field

for STI. We should be able to see a clearer picture next week to determine whether it is support turn resistance level.

I have decided to make my future share purchase via Tiger Brokers because its low fee is too attractive, and really make a different to me as a small investor.

Managed to divest all my SGX @ $8.84, and purchase the following:

  • ST Eng @ $3.34 (my first local share purchase via Tiger Brokers)
  • KWEB @ US$68.45
STI ranged between 2481 and 2517.

Saturday, September 12, 2020

STI went below 2500

while Dow & Nasdaq continue to retrace.

Divested about $3400 of SembCorp investment via SembMarine entitlement, and added some of the following:

  • Jardine C&C @ $17.95
  • SGX @ $8.45
  • KWEB @ US$65.98
STI ranged between 2476 and 2528.

Saturday, September 5, 2020

A plunge in Dow & Nasdaq

on Thursday and Friday ''lure'' my money into the stock market.

I have finally made my first investment into a China Technology ETF mentioned in breakdown-of-my-investment-amount.html. The selected ETF is KWEB, and the following are what I have purchased this week.

  • SGX @ $8.66
  • ASHR @ US$35.54
  • KWEB @ US$67.76
STI ranged between 2486 and 2560.

Monday, August 31, 2020

Monthly Summary of August 2020

Listed below is this month summary

Invested: $160236
Divested: $18109
Investing: $142127
Holding: $138060
Dividend: $3441

Saturday, August 29, 2020

STI still 'see-saw-ing'

for past few weeks as suggested in singapore-election-2020.

This week, I didn't make any stock investment, not even ASHR which I suppose to adopt a dollar averaging method. ASHR jumped more than 3% on Friday which causes me to have 2nd thought.

However, I continue to follow my plan to slow down my investment in local market as shown below:

  • May: $60k
  • June: $40k
  • July: $32k
  • August: $10k
STI ranged between 2517 and 2575.

Saturday, August 22, 2020

STI just give back

what it gained last week. Easy come, easy go. LOL.

All companies in my portfolio have announced their results, and most of them are weak, but within expectation. Dividend yield also drop as compared to previous year.

I believe previous quarter is the worst, and will continue to build up my portfolio. Manage to nibble the following:

  • ST Eng @ $3.42
  • ASHR @ US$34.40

STI ranged between 2506 and 2596.

Friday, August 14, 2020

Is this next wave for STI

to catch up with other stock markets?

However, stock prices start to weaken on last trading day of the week at about 3 pm. The sudden U-turn may be due to this news - Hong Kong to cut GDP forecast for 2020.

Just a reminder:

  • Stock Market is NOT current Economy; it is usually ahead of the current economy by 9-12 months.

Continue to nibble:

  • STI ETF @ $2.532
  • ASHR @ US$34.16
STI ranged between 2521 and 2602.