Saturday, October 16, 2021

Both my US and HK portfolio are still in

RED, as I have been focusing more on China tech stocks. However, they have recovered quite a bit for past 1 to 2 weeks. For US portfolio, from -25% to -14%, and for HK portfolio, from -16% to -5%. I am practicing *** diamond hands *** as I believe in the companies that I am holding.

At the same time, I am using options to collect premium to help in the recovery. From the past 5 months since I started learning options trading, I have collected US$2200.

Reduced Jardine C&C @ $23.02.
Reduced CICT @ $2.11.
Added SGX @ $10.69.
Reduced ST Engineering @ $3.92.
Added Mapletree Ind Tr @ $2.74.

Saturday, October 9, 2021

Is this the beginning of convergence

between US and China tech stock market as mentioned in

Alibaba's technical analysis show signs of bottoming. However, as all MAs are sloping downward, there would still be chances to buy in during pullbacks. Alibaba has led the crashing of China tech stocks, so would it also lead in the recovery? Only time could tell.

Added SGX @ $9.46.
Added 3067 @ HK$12.45.

Saturday, October 2, 2021

Monthly Summary of September 2021

For past 1 week:
Added CLCT @ $1.23.
Added SGX @ $9.85.
Added Ascendas Reit @ $3.06.
Bought Palantir @ US$27 (via options).

Local Portfolio (S$)
Investing: $193495
Market Value: $224102
Accumulated Dividend: $10834

Oversea Portfolio (US$)
Investing: US$43213
Market Value: US$34157

Saturday, September 25, 2021

China Evergrande Crisis has created

more fear in the stock market as shown by the Fear & Greed Index. So what do you plan to do?

No one could know when is the bottom for China tech sector. What I would do is to continue DCA on 9988 and 3067, and to practice ***diamond hand***.

CapitaLand has been replaced with CapitaLandInvest. Its share price has surged up from the consideration price of $2.823, closed at $3.30 on Friday. I have made some adjustment to my local portfolio spreadsheet, and CapitaLandInvest is currently the 2nd best performance!

Added AIMS @ $1.43.
Added SGX @ $10.08.
Reduced ST Engineering @ $3.86.
Added 9988 @ HK$147.

Saturday, September 18, 2021

Temasek, GIC, MAS and SGX

appear in the same piece of news - to aid in the boosting of Singapore's local stock market.

So which stocks would benefit from the above news? My guess it would at least provide some support to the recent weakness of STI ETF and SGX.

Added Ascott Trust @ $0.975.
Added 3067 @ HK$13.28.
Added KWEB @ US$50 (via options).

Saturday, September 11, 2021

Are we now moving into stage 4

of China tech market cycles as mentioned in Only time could tell.

I have started a new position in Ascott Trust when its price plunged below $1 since I always want to invest in a hospitality reit.

Divested some Jardine C&C @ $19.65.
Bought Ascott Trust @ $0.985.
Added AIMS @ $1.47.
Added SembCorp @ $1.89.
Added Mapletree Industrial Trust @ $2.90.
Added Ascendas Reit @ $3.06.
Added 3067 @ HK$13.93.
Divested Palantir @ US$26 (via options).

Saturday, September 4, 2021

Bought into 3067

to gain exposure to Hong Kong listed technology companies. I have chose 3067 among the 4 ETFs due to the following reasons:

Divested some Capitaland @ $4.09.
Bought 3067 @ HK$13.60.

Thursday, September 2, 2021

Monthly Summary of August 2021

Local Portfolio (S$)
Investing: $193231
Market Value: $225309
Accumulated Dividend: $10831

Oversea Portfolio (US$)
Investing: US$33675
Market Value: US$26372