Saturday, April 17, 2021

Although my oversea portfolio continues

to underperform, it didn't prevent me from executing my DCA strategy as shown below.

Added ASHR @ US$37.77.
Added KWEB @ US$75.28.
Added ARKX @ US$20.90.
Added Alibaba @ US$239.51.
First Purchase of HSTECH @ $1.371.

By end of this month, my local portfolio would be 12 months old. I would publish a post to show its stocks and how they have performed. 

I noticed that Tiger Brokers has a Welcome gift promotion for new members: FREE share of Disney (US$187.26 as of today) + 60 commission free trades + 500 Tiger coins. If you are interested to sign up a Tiger Brokers account, and do not have a referral link from your friends, please use mine:

Saturday, April 10, 2021

Rebalance local portfolio

by taking some profits from banking stocks and move the capital into REITs and trusts. This shift is to make the existing profit work harder in order to give higher dividend return by end of this year. Up to this month, I would have collected $1489 dividend. Based on my plan, I have set a target to collect about $8000 for year 2021.

*** LATEST NEWS *** Alibaba is fined US$2.8 billion by Chinese Regulators. Bad news is this amount is more than expected. Good news is one big part of uncertainty is removed. Let's see how market would reach to this news on coming Monday; whether its share price has already priced in this amount of fined.

I have added a new member to my oversea portfolio as shown below.

Added Keppel DC Reit @ $2.71.
Added KWEB @ US$78.01.
Added ASHR @ US$38.85.
First purchase of ARKX @ US$20.87.

Saturday, April 3, 2021

Changes to 2021 plan

mentioned in Due to a better bonus from company, I am planning to increase my total investment capital such that my local portfolio and oversea portfolio would reach $200k and US$29k respectively by end of this year.

Sold some UOB @ $25.99.
Added Capitaland @ $2.78.
Added Alibaba @ US$225.25.

Thursday, April 1, 2021

Monthly Summary of March 2021

Local Portfolio (S$)

Investing: $176307
Market Value: $210664
Accumulated Dividend: $5060

Oversea Portfolio (US$)

Investing: US$22369
Market Value: US$21960

Saturday, March 27, 2021

My oversea portfolio sink into red

while local portfolio continues to outperform.

CapitaLand has decided to privatize its development arm and consolidate its investment management and lodging platforms into CapitaLand Investment Management (CLIM). The implied consideration price for shareholders is attractive, at a significant 24-28% premium to its last Friday closing price of $3.31, with CapitaLand shareholders expected to receive an implied consideration of S$4.102 for every CapitaLand share.

Thus, I cannot control my itchy finger, and decided to add some CapitaLand when its share price retreats to $3.70.

Added CapitaLand @ $3.70.
Added CapitaLand China Tr @ $1.36.
Added KWEB @ US$80.05.
Added Alibaba @ US$230.41.
Sold some DBS @ $28.55.

I have also registered a Moomoo account, deposit of at least $2700, and made 3 trading transactions. With these 3 simple steps, I have gotten $30 stock voucher and ONE AAPL share for FREE!!

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Thanks :)

Saturday, March 20, 2021

STI continues to show strength

while US and China markets are showing volatility. STI has managed to stay above 3000 which has turned support. However, do note that there is a gap created above 3000 which may need to be filled up.

I continue to strengthen both my local and oversea portfolio:

Mapletree Log Tr @ $1.88.
ST Engineering @ $3.85. 
ASHR @ US$38.43 (corrected ~17% from peak).
KWEB @ US$83.50 (corrected ~21% from peak).

Saturday, March 13, 2021

Cyclical stocks are going up

while technology stocks and REITs are coming down. So what I have been doing recently, and would continue to do so is to rebalance my local stock portfolio. STI has hit 3100 target this week as mentioned in

For my oversea portfolio, it has weaken further; at one time it even dip into negative region before rebounding. I would simply continue with my DCA strategy.

Sold some OCBC @ $11.79.
Sold some SGX @ $10.100.
Added Mapletree Industrial Tr @ $2.57.
Added Keppel DC Reit @ $2.55.
Added AIMS @ $1.29.
Added ASHR @ US$38.84.
Added Alibaba @ US$229.83.

Saturday, March 6, 2021

Give STI a Tiger

beer as it outperformed US indices past week. My oversea portfolio continues to weaken, and I have made 2 purchases based on my plan stated in, and I also strengthen my local portfolio for dividend yield.

Added Alibaba @ US$231.
Added KWEB @ US$82.
Added Mapletree Industrial Tr @ $2.62.
Added Mapletree Log Tr @ $1.82.
Divested some UOB @ $25.45.

Based on my current investment of $170k in my local portfolio and lower dividend yield of 4% due to pandemic, I am expecting this year dividend to be about $7k.